Sunday, July 27, 2014

Aranji Bracelet Giveaway

Welcome to the Aranji Bracelet Giveaway!
I recently entered a giveaway and won the above Aranji Bracelet. I fell so in love with it that I had to share with my fans to give you the opportunity to win one of your very own.
Trust me when I say this picture cant do the bracelet justice, In person it is even more stunning. It has high quality charms that give this a nice weight making it feel and look like an expensive piece of jewelry. But the owner is able to offer these handmade bracelets at only $25

These bracelets along with other types of jewelry like necklaces and earrings are available at Aranji on Etsi, and come in different size options (XS-Girls, Small,Medium, large or adjustable 

As a special offer Aranji is offering readers of Sweepingmommy a 25% discount off your purchase
Just visit and enter code Sweepingmommy1 at checkout.

Let me tell you another reason Im so obsessed with this shop. While reading the owner Ruth's about me page I learned that her daughter Gabi was the original inspiration to start making these pieces.  Gabi has cerebral palsy and cannot walk, she pays very close attention to the details around her. While playing with plastic jewelry was fine around the house, she wanted the grown-up variety for going out.Ruth started out  modifying adult jewelry to fit Gabby, and soon spiraled into creating her own designs that met her standard for fabulosity.
If Gabi doesn't want to rip it off Ruth's neck once its made then it doesn't meet the quality standard for the Aranji Shop
Whats not to love about that!
Be sure to like her  Facebook Page, where she posts pictures of her newest creations, along with her own giveaways
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