Sunday, July 27, 2014

Is Dehydration Making You Fat?

Ok, so we have all heard it, you need to drink a lot of water when you are trying to lose weight. I always assumed that this was just a way for you to feel full because your belly is full of water so you will eat less. All my thinking changed yesterday.

Yesterday I made a trip to the local Convenient Care office because i was feeling horrible. I had a headache, I was nauseous and extremely light headed. I was also having pain in my right side (which is the main reason I went in).

They did an exam and asked me how much water I had to drink that morning....... Um well I took a quick drink when I took the Excedrin for my headache. He said so you haven't had 20 ounces yet. Not even close, I have never been one that got enough fluids in, a good day for me was about 32-40 ounces and that was rare.

A few minutes later I was being wheeled down to the emergency room for blood tests, CT scan to check the status of my appendix and a huge bag of IV fluids. (Always a ton of fun to get an IV in when you have veins that roll and are dehydrated on top of it)

Everything turned out to be fine, I had some Glands inflamed around my appendix, which was probably the reason for the pain and after the fluids I was feeling much more alert and able to walk without my head spinning like I had been at a frat house party all night .

This all got me thinking about how much drinking(or not drinking, in my case) water can really effect how your body functions. I got online and found the information I was looking for. I finally found something that told me WHY being dehydrated can actually be causing your weight gain or lack of weight loss.

1. When your body is dehydrated, your body mistakes this for hunger, making you eat more

2. When you become dehydrated, your metabolism slows down to conserve water, affecting how your body burns fat

3. Dehydration can drain you of the energy you need to exercise

4. Drinks containing caffeine act as a diuretic and actually cause the body to lose water

So Drink up, Your body in general needs water to be able to function properly but you may find by getting enough in might just be that extra tool in your belt when it comes to losing some weight. Worst case scenario you are doing your body good.

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  1. Glad you're feeling better. Thanks for the interesting and helpful information!