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Scar Recovery Restoration Serum By Beverly Hills MD Review and Giveaway! 8/23

About Scar Recovery Restoration Serum

This intensive scar treatment is made with natural, powerful ingredients that help to visibly reduce the appearance of new and old scarring caused by acne, surgeries, burns and other injuries. Even stretch marks, keloid scars, and hypertrophic scars can appear lighter and less noticeable with continued use.

» Helps lighten the appearance of many types of scarring
» Assists in the skin’s natural healing process
» Uses natural, effective ingredients that can improve elasticity
» Can improve the appearance of stretch marks and uneven skin tone

How does City Beverly Hills MD Scar Recovery work?
Scar Recovery uses revolutionary ingredients that penetrate deep into skin where healing occurs. By combining collagen stimulation, fibroblast repair, oxygen infusion, and antioxidant therapy, Scar Recovery addresses all of the underlying factors that make scars discolored, uneven, and rigid, facilitating recovery so skin can return to its normal, healthy state.

My Review:

I had surgery on my foot about 8 months ago. I was left with a pretty noticeable scar. I just assumed this was something I was going to have to live with. Just another battle wound from life, Just like the stretch marks left as a reminder of my beautiful children.

I had thought about trying those over the counter creams that promise results but really didn't want to buy something that was mass produced by a company nobody had heard of made by someone that really knew nothing about the products they sell.

That's when I found Beverly Hills MD Scar Recovery Restoration Serum. I went to their website and found that all of the products available were developed by two renowned cosmetic surgeons .that wanted to create a product for those of us that don't live in California or can't afford expensive procedures. If I am going to trust anything to work it is going to be a product developed by doctors that do this for a living.

I wanted to give an accurate review of the product and so I took before and after pictures. If you understood how much I hate feet you would understand how painful this was for me. Oh the things I do for my fans. Did I see results? I sure did. take a look at my before and after pictures below

Alright so here is my before picture
as you can see the scar is pretty red

And here is a picture after using the serum twice a day for 10 days
yes, this really is the same foot, just not as brightly painted and swollen from too much sitting. You can tell by the size of my big toe, which I am told is a freak of nature because it is so much bigger than my other toes.

As you can see even though its only been 10 days you can see the color of the scar is much lighter than the original picture. I honestly thought that I may see some improvement if i were to use this product long term, but I never expected to see results this soon. I can only imagine how much improvement I will have as more time goes by

I learned on the website that most scar treatments rely on hydrocortisone as an active ingredient, which can have unwanted side effect. I personally know from experience that hydrocortisone can cause the skin to thin. Not something you want if you are trying to repair your skin. Scar Recovery uses ingredients that nourish the cells and work with the skin's natural healing processes to induce rapid results without the risks.

The serum has a nice thick, silky feel to it and glides on smoothly, and absorbs pretty fast. I used it at night when I went to bed and in the morning as well. No harsh smells at all and didn't leave my skin greasy or dry it out.As a matter of fact, it made my skin feel more moisturized.
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  2. Serum looks like it did an awesome job. I have a scar on my knee from surgery. Sure wish I had this back then.

  3. I learned that they have a Money-Back Guarantee.

  4. The link to visit bev hills md goes to an error page. But i do like that they use other ingredients besides hydrocortisone so it can be used for longer term treatments

    1. Thanks for letting me know, I have corrected it :)

  5. I like that it uses natural ingredients.

  6. learned that it assists in the skin’s natural healing process

  7. Even stretch marks, keloid scars, and hypertrophic scars can appear lighter and less noticeable with continued use.

  8. I like that their products are never tested on animals.

  9. I learned that the serum uses natural, effective ingredients that can improve skin elasticity. Helps with stretch marks, too!

  10. They have a Money-Back Guarantee.
    Brittney House

  11. I learned that Beverly Hills MD is committed to cruelty-free practices, and their products are never tested on animals.


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  13. I learned that it can also help fade stretch marks and uneven skin tone.

  14. I learned that it assists in the natural healing process!

  15. I learned that each ingredient is proven in clinical studies to have dramatic visual effects on the target given.
    Laurie Emerson
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

  16. I learned that SCAR RECOVERY RESTORATION SERUM assists in the skin’s natural healing process

  17. I learned that the Scar Recovery Restoration Serum can improve the appearance of stretch marks and uneven skin tone