Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Microbiome Plus+ GI Probiotic Review

Product Description

Microbiome Plus+ Gastrointestinal probiotic is a more complete gastrointestinal health dietary supplement that provides natural prebiotic fiber (scFOS) and the probiotic L. reuteri NCIMB 30242 which work together to maintain the balance of healthy bacteria in your gut and support normal digestive function.* The probiotic in Microbiome Plus+ Gastrointestinal has been shown in clinical trials to help support normal inflammatory response in addition to supporting digestive health.* scFOS is a natural prebiotic fiber that supports a healthy gastrointestinal tract by promoting digestive function, immune health, the growth of healthy bacteria, natural intestinal mechanical barriers, and gut integrity.* Microbiome Plus+ Gastrointestinal combines these two ingredients to provide more complete gastrointestinal health support.* Not only does scFOS support digestive function but as a prebiotic helps L. reuteri NCIMB 30242 to support normal gastrointestinal function.
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My Review
I have only been taking this product for about a week, but I am already noticing a difference in my tummy troubles. I tend to have a very sensitive system that has a mind of its own. I like how this product seems to be leveling things out and I am starting to feel much better. I was also the only lucky one in my house that did not get the flu/cold that is going around so it is possible that this helped boost my immune system at just the right time

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