Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Best Running Armband for Samsung Galaxy S5 S4 S3 S2 (Pink) Review

Product Description

Samsung Galaxy S5 Sports Armband by i2 Gear
If you've ever been out running and tried to listen to music or send a quick text while taking a breather you know its almost impossible to use your phone without covering it with sweat or worse dropping it along the way! Now with this armband you can safely interact with your touch screen and listen to your favorite music :)

Compatibility and Use
Use your armband with the new Galaxy SII, SIII, S4 and S5 from all carriers. You can wear it over your biceps or on your forearm. The night reflector provides additional visibility for outdoor early morning and evening runs. There is even a slot for your house key which we all know can be a lifesaver. This armband is also great for high intensity workouts, spin class, yoga or even casual walking or outdoor activities.

Precision and Protection
The touchscreen is fully accessible through the plastic cover. The armband pouch and cover keeps your phone safe from impact and moisture while working out.

My Review

I plan on using this for exercising but I had surgery last month and have been completely non weight bearing on my foot so walking isn't an option at the moment. This armband has been a lifesaver though because I can strap my phone on my arm when using my walker to get around the house. I am always concerned about falling and this gives me a great way to have easy access to my phone without worrying about how to carry it.

If you would like to view more reviews or purchase the product, you can find it on Amazon Here.  It is listed at $7.99 at the moment(subject to change)

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