Saturday, March 21, 2015

Book Review Life Is__________ By Judah Smith & Family Christian Appreciation Certificate Giveaway 3/28

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How would you finish this sentence?

Life Is… By Judah Smith is a follow up book to his previous title, Jesus Is… This book is divided up into four sections that he believes describe what life is all about. Life Is… “To Love and be Loved,” “To Trust God in Every Moment,” “To be at Peace with God and Yourself,” and “To Enjoy God.” 

I had surgery on my foot about 11 weeks ago and have felt trapped in my house. With little communication with the outside world I had began to feel sorry for myself. Did everyone forget about me? Was I not important enough for people to come visit me or even call on a regular basis to check up on?

Needless to say, I was starting to feel unloved, and while I have always known that God loves me, I often still feel unworthy of that amazing love. That is when I was given the book Life Is_____ by Judah Smith, the New York Times Best Selling Author of Jesus Is____ 

This book came at the perfect time for me. The messages and humor made me remember that it didn't matter what kind of life I have lived in the past. It didn't matter what my future holds, he always has and always will love me. And not only love me but love me with an obsessive type of love. 

One page that hit me was a part where it was explaining how John was there at the cross at the side of Jesus during the crucifixion when no other disciples were mentioned. It stated that he was able to be there because he was more consumed with Jesus' love for him than with his own love for Jesus.

 " If our whole focus is how much we can do for God, how devoted we are to him, and how much we love him- rather than how much he does for us and how much he loves us- eventually we'll find ourselves in a pity party apart from the cross. 

Yes, this has definitely been me... stuck in my pity party. After reading this book I feel so refreshed, my spirit so renewed. I feel like I can start to focus on the good things in my life again and maybe start reaching out to people in love instead of expecting for them to know what is going on in my life. After All I do have a wonderful life, and this short time frame is just a small piece of time in a long life. As it turns out it led me to this book, so maybe that was God's way of saying, lean on me, and remember how great my LOVE IS. 

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