Monday, April 13, 2015 Estate planning services Review

Product Description

The vast majority of people do not have key estate planning documents in place. But we all know how important it is. Your Last Will and Testament names the person to take care of your affairs after you are gone, it names guardians for your children, it sets up minor trusts, and of course it determines how your estate will be distributed. Without a Will your loved ones will be left to untangle a mess. So why does everybody put off this task?

We especially feel that it is important for all parents to prepare their Will, not because they think they are about to die, but because it is a part of sensible financial planning. But booking an appointment with a lawyer is time consuming and expensive, and sadly very few lawyers make house calls.

At we've created a service that allows anybody to prepare their Will, Power of Attorney and Living Will from the comfort of their own home; affordably and conveniently. You step through a series of questions and the service guides you through the process. If you have minor children, you will be prompted to name guardians and set up trusts. If 18 is too young to inherit, set the age to 25, or 30. After you have answered all of the questions, you then download and print your Will which must then be signed in the presence of two adult witnesses to make it a completely legally binding document. No lawyer required.

We've been offering this service for over a decade now, and helped hundreds of thousands of people prepare these vital documents.

My Review
I know that it is very important to have the correct documents in place to protect my family and to let them know what kind of decisions I would want made so that they don't have to make those choices for me. Yet with the business of life, planning my estate seems to always get put on the back burner. 

I also tend to be the kind of person that is very intimidated by not only lawyers but their high fees. Luckily for me I was able to review the benefits which allowed me to set up all of my documents online. All I needed to do was to print, sign and have it witnessed to make it legal. All in the comfort of my home so that I could discuss the matters with my husband as we went through and no high fees or pressure. 

To find rates depending on documentation you are looking for along with answers to questions you may have about the services provided and their 30-day money back guarantee visit

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