Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Oral Essentials Mouthwash Review #Oralessentials

Product Description

Created by one of the most renowned and trusted cosmetic dentists in the world, our alcohol-free mouthwash is formulated to keep your teeth, gums and breath fresh using some of the world's best essential oils, Dead Sea salt and Xylitol. We've worked hard to bring you a product that is free of dyes, preservatives, and chemicals to liven up your oral health routine. This mouthwash combines one of the the most ancient remedies on the planet, Dead Sea salt, with one of civilizations best sugar alternatives, Xylitol to create a perfect blend of nature and science. Then we added Holy Basil, Aloe Vera and some essential oils to boot. All of these come together to do wonders for your grin. Let's put it this way, the fastest way for anything to get into your system is through your oral tissues! That's why patients are given nitroglycerin under their tongue when having a heart attack. Your mouth matters to us, so put great stuff in it, and let's work together to keep your smile bright and beautiful with the best mouthwash that could possibly be dreamt up... we're sure of it!

My Review
I have a love hate relationship with mouthwash. I like to freshen my breath and make my mouth healthier but I hate the burning as I try to swish for the amount of time I am supposed to, my eyes start to water. Its really crazy. I love that the Oral Essentials Mouthwash is alcohol-free. I get the refreshed feeling without the pain.

I have started to really find the value of essential oils and dead sea salts lately. I have learned that they can serve in so many healing purposes, many have multiple functions. I never really thought much about how chemicals are absorbed right into our systems through our mouth until I have recently started using dissolvable under the tongue vitamins for my upcoming bariatric surgery. With this product I am not worried that I will be putting harmful chemicals into my body or that I will be swishing around mouthwash that contains sugar(kinda defeats the purpose) 

If you would like to see more reviews or purchase this product, you can do so on Amazon, right now the price is only $12.99(subject to change)

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