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Sortly iPhone and iPad App Review

Product Description

Sortly is the Ultimate Organizer App - featured in Huffington Post and Fast Company.

Sortly is an easy-to-use iPhone and iPad app that lets you organize all your stuff by creating a visual inventory that you can easily search, manage, and categorize. Our customers love using Sortly for moving, keeping track of their collectibles, and home inventory. In addition, our small business customers use Sortly as a simple inventory tool.

Based on the familiar concept of files and folders, Sortly lets you organize your items using folders.
With ability to add multiple photos, videos, tags, Sortly makes your life very easy. No more hours of searching for the baby pictures you stored in the attic. Search in seconds in Sortly to find it.

Sortly Premium ($7.99) - 1) Create beautiful QR labels and print them on off-the-shelf self-adhesive labels. Associate the QR labels with any item or folder in the app, so you can search for the content by scanning. 
2) Unlimited cloud storage space for your items. Free version limits to 200 entries.
3) Beautiful PDF exports as well as ability to export data to Dropbox. Share with your friends.
4) Ability to add 15-second videos. Record a lot more information on your items.

My Review
I really found this app useful in keeping track of my monthly bills. Up until now, I had to use a notebook to keep track of all of my bills and make sure that I didn't miss any. With the Sortly app I was able to put the name of the bill, when it was due and set up a reminder all on one page. I was even able to set a reminder for one month from that date so it was already scheduled for the following month as well. Now I have all my bills listed under my house tab and don't have to worry about forgetting them! 

It also has great features for organizing your move, printing labels for boxes in storage and even business tools. 

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