Monday, August 24, 2015

Amsana™ Runners Hydration Belt for Iphone 6 / 6 Plus & Android Smartphones Review #AmsanaDoublecompatrmentHydrationbelt

Product Description

Amsana™ Double Compartment Hydration Running Belt -With 2 Water Bottles Holds 12 Oz. - 6.7" Pouch Fits All Smartphones Iphone 6 & 6+ Etc. - Includes Toggles to Hold Your Race Number

 ADJUSTABLE - The belt can be adjusted from 29"- 50" so you will get an exact fit for your waist.
EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE MATERIAL - This belt is made of soft, stretchy neoprene fabric which gives a comfortable snug fit.
TWO COMPARTMENTS WITH ZIPPERS- The belt includes two compartments so you could be more organized. The compartments are safe as they can be closed with a zip. Both pockets are full sized 6.7" x 4.7".
ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES - You get two 6oz. Leak-Proof Water Bottles along with the belt. The belt comes with two pockets that fit the bottles perfectly.
TOGGLES - This hydration runner belt has two convenient race bib removable toggles to hold your race number.

The Amsana Hydration Belt gives you lightweight storage, BOUNCE-FREE, chafe-free ride, and EASY ONE-HANDED ACCESS to hydration and other running essentials. Ergonomically designed with premium neoprene materials, this Hydration Belt will keep you going with style and comfort.

My Review

Since I had weight loss surgery, it is very important that I stay hydrated. Unfortunately I am no longer able to gulp water so I have to sip all through the day. When I am home, this is fine but when I am out and about it had become a pain. I hated having to carry a water bottle around with me. With 2 small kids, I need all of the hands I can get, and to have one occupied all the time was becoming a major inconvenience.

That is when I found the Amsana Double Compartment Hydration Running Belt. It is like a fanny pack that I can wear around my waste and it holds two 12 oz water bottles. Now I can take my water with me without having to worry about carrying or setting down and losing my water bottle. It is also a convenient way to let my kids have a drink instead of having to buy them while we are out. 

You can find this product on Amazon Here in either black with yellow, or black with blue. 

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