Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Called for Life Book Review #FamilyChristianBlogger

I recently read the following book and was so moved by it, that I had to share it with all of you

Book Description
Dr. Kent and Amber Brantly moved with their children to war-torn Liberia in the fall of 2013 to provide medical care for people in great need—to help replace hopelessness with hope. When, less than a year later, Kent contracted the deadly Ebola virus, hope became what he and Amber needed too, after Dr. Kent was given only 48 hours to live. 

Called for Life tells the harrowing story of his evacuation back to the U.S., his miraculous recovery, and the Brantlys' continued dedication to God's call and their African neighbors will leave you humbled and inspired. 

My Review

I had heard some news stories about this case but nothing can compare to the whole story, from the source. I loved learning how it came to be that this family chose to serve in Liberia and the journey before the Ebola breakout. This story has been told is such a true way that I felt like I was on the Journey with Kent and Amber. I cringed when I heard of the horrible deaths of locals that Kent treated as a doctor in foreign lands, I cried at the thought of Kent barely clinging to life all alone and for his wife and kids, thinking that he may not make it home.

There were moments I felt myself holding my breath when Amber would answer a call and not know what the news on the other end would be (and I knew the outcome before reading it!) I have amazing respect for the peace that Kent was able to find during this horrible ordeal and I am in awe of the love and support that surrounded this family through this tragedy.I am so grateful that they were so open in sharing this story with all of us. Called for Life is by far my favorite book of the year.

Disclosure: Sweeping Mommy was not compensated for this post and the post does not include affiliate links. I received a free copy of this book to review and was so moved by the story that I wanted to share it here with my readers

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